Programs & Interventions

Behavioral Treatment Court

Juvenile Behavioral Treatment Court provides intensive case management and support to youth in our juvenile justice system with behavioral health needs. The focus is on treatment, family engagement, and rehabilitation. The goal is to maintain the youth in their homes through the partnership of community-based mental health services and the court. Review Hearings are held in front of the Judge bi-weekly with a multidisciplinary team present to help promote progress and achieve treatment and probationary goals. To view the Behavioral Treatment Court Handbook, click here.

Mentors & Tutors

The Volunteer Services of the Family Court provides mentors and tutors to assist youth on probation with specific needs identified by their Probation Officer.

New Vision Summer Academy

The academy consists of a partnership between community professionals, court staff, and court volunteers to provide adjudicated youth with a learning opportunity. The opportunity allows personal growth and development through a series of "mini" educational and hands-on classes.

There are 3 sessions which are held at the court building during the summer. Each session is a 2-week period. The Academy includes the following classes, among others: 
  • Art
  • Creative problem solving
  • Cooking
  • Financial basics
  • Habits of effective teens
  • Healthy lifestyles
  • Meeting with a police officer
  • Nutrition
  • Photography
  • Video production
  • Yoga

SOS Learning Lab

Skills, Organization Strategies.  This intervention is an educational service which promotes a bridge between home, school and community.  It involves tutoring, and skill development in academics, study habits, organization, and social interaction.

Equipped-Life Skills Group

Is a 9 week program designed to develop and prepare youth for independent living/adulthood.  The program connects youth to community resources and helps to provide the tools necessary to build a foundation for success.